Sound Design with You in Mind

Whatever your style of sound, whether it be film, television, animation, video gaming or the internet, we can fulfill your dreams. We specialize in putting that “it kind of sounds like this” into our effects, making sure you get just what you pictured. We have a full library of classic sfx, as well as our own foley studio with full ProTools mixing capabilities.

Let Our Voices Speak for You

We pride ourselves on our ability to cast the right actor for your project, using a wide variety of high-caliber talent. We audition with your script, letting you hear each actor in context. This allows you to choose actors as they will sound when recording your words, not just as you hope they might.

Music Made to Order

Whether it’s classical, rock, jazz, world beat, or anything in between, we can provide the music that will fit you to a “T” with our award-winning composers or pieces from our extensive music library. Let LETHAL SOUNDS make the music for your next project.

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